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Like to snmpwalk, snmpcheck allows you to enumerate the SNMP devices and places the output in a very human readable friendly format. It could be useful for penetration testing or systems monitoring. Distributed under GPL license and based on "Athena-2k" script by jshaw.


snmpcheck supports the following enumerations:


Version Link
1.8 (2011/01/23)
Moreover you can use snmpcheck using the Metasploit's module snmp_enum.


To use snmpcheck you need to install Net::SNMP (a object oriented interface to SNMP), Number::Bytes::Human (convert byte count to human readable format) and Time::HiRes (high resolution alarm, sleep, gettimeofday, interval timers) Perl modules. It is also important to note that you must enable threads support.

A Net::SNMP object can be created such that it has either "blocking" or "non-blocking" properties. By default, the methods used to send SNMP messages do not return until the protocol exchange has completed successfully or a timeout period has expired. This behavior gives the object a "blocking" property because the flow of the code is stopped until the method returns. Regarding very slow enumerations will be show a waiting message. You can also disable the TCP enumeration using the -d option.

Report examples


Router Hacking SNMP 1 from Vivek Ramachandran on Vimeo.


snmpcheck should not be used against machines you do not own or administrator. This tool might create IDS warnings. The author can't be held responsible for the use and/or misuse of this program.


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